HRD Ministry to decide on distance learning courses soon

HRD Ministry is planning to launch about 500 courses on SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds). Under this project students across India will be offered online courses. This courses will be treated at par with regular courses for employment or higher studies.

HRD Ministry will hold meeting with AICTE, UGC and State universities.

Let’s hope for the best!

The news article

Here is the link to the news in today’s newspaper.

Status of AICTE approval of AMIE (IEI)

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Recently I was asked questions like “Should I undertake a course from AMIE?” “What is the status of AICTE approval of AMIE?” “Is AMIE approved by AICTE?” and so on. Basically all these questions are being asked by my students who have completed their diploma courses in engineering. Many of them want to do degree courses (BE/Btech) through distant learning so that they can get the graduate degree while continuing their jobs. The main reason for doing this courses is they wanted to apply for Government jobs based on the degree they will get from distant education.

The main question here is “what is the status of AMIE in 2015? Should you take admission in 2015?” I’ll say No! you should not take admission in AMIE in 2015.

The answer is you should wait.

In fact you should stay away from any distant learning organization giving the graduate degree in engineering. In the following lines I’ll tell you why.

The story begins here!

AMIE the engineering degree is offered by the Institution of Engineers (India) through distance education mode. IEI (Institution of Engineers-India) was governed by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development).

In 2006 MHRD published a Notification in Gazette of India approving 15 courses offered by IEI as equivalent to regular degree courses from recognized universities.


An order dated 06/12/2012 by MHRD says, “All those students who are enrolled with the institutions with permanent recognition up to 31.05.2013 would be eligible for consideration in accordance with MHRD office memorandum/ order in force pertaining to their course for equivalence in Central Government jobs. However, these concerned orders will cease to have effect from 01.06.2013 onwards. After 31.05.2013, based on the review by the regulator i.e. AICTE, a decision on continuation of the certification of equivalence of degree/diploma shall be taken by statutory regulator. And the statutory regulators should review the fresh proposals/ extension as per their statute and regulations.”


This means that if you have done AMIE before 2013 you don’t have to worry. 01.06.2013 onwards IEI will have to take approval from AICTE as stated in the above order.

If you look at the list of “List of AICTE approved institutions (A.Y. 2015-16) as on 30th April 2015” you will find that IEI is not listed here. So, we conclude that IEI  is not approved by AICTE. Now, MHRD has already withdrawn its approval to IEI and AICTE has not approved it in 2015-16. What is the future of IEI in such situation? You can understand that there is no future for such courses.

Recently I was going through an advertisement for (GETs) Graduate Engineer Trainees and you should have a look at what I found.

In conclusion,

Courses offered by IEI are not valid for direct recruitment as Graduate Engineers. I’ll say that if you plan to join any Government organization (like HPCL) you should take admission in full-time course instead of distant education course. Or  in my opinion you should rather wait till AICTE approves/disapprove IEI.

According to my conversation with a very senior professor engaged in teaching for over three decades, courses offered by IEI are still considered valid if you are going to take admission in any Post Graduate course. It might also be valid if you are already employed in an organization and anticipating a promotion after getting a degree from distant education.


The current state of AICTE approval of IEI (and hence AMIE) is not clear and it is advisable to wait till AICTE takes any decision in this regard.

Like every Government agency in India, AICTE is also not clear about its stand on the issue. AICTE defines a course as Hybrid Model if education is provided off campus and students are called in occasionally (like for exam), and it approves Hybrid Model. I don’t know what to make out of this. May be AICTE will approve IEI (AMIE) in future. Nothing is clear! Have a look a the screenshot of their website.

AICTE screenshot

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Part drawing with dimension to practice in Pro-E, AutoCAD, Solidworks,etc.

For quite some time I was searching for some drawings to practice in Pro-Engineer to test my newly acquired skills in the software 😀

I was surprised to find out that there are no such sites which provide such drawings with dimension (or I haven’t found any). So I managed the drawings from other sources and now want to share that for others like me.

So, here comes the drawings.. Try to solve them in the given order as that will be easy to do. Please leave your feedback in the comments. I’ll be happy to help you. 🙂

p4p201-what-is-pro-engineer-pro-engineer-trainingp3p1proe part    proe-1proe-final


मंज़िल भी तेरी थी और रास्ता भी तेरा था,

एक तेरा प्यार पा लूं बस यही सपना मेरा था,

एक हम अकेले रह गये, और पूरा संसार तेरा था,

साथ- साथ रहने की सोच भी तेरी थी,

फिर अकेले छोड जाने का ख़याल भी तेरा था,

हाथों मे हाथ लेकर मुझे हँसाने की कसम भी तेरी थी,

फिर मेरी आँखों मे आँसुओ का सिलसिला भी तेरा था,

हम क्यूँ यहाँ तनहा रह गये ? दिल मेरा सवाल करता है,

किस्मत तेरी थी, पर क्या खुदा भी तेरा था ?

खुदा बोला उसपे ऐतबार करने की ग़लती तेरी थी,

उसे दोस्त बनाने का ख़याल भी तेरा था,

उसे चाहने की ग़लती भी तेरी थी,

उसे अपनाने का ख़याल भी तेरा था,

उसे क्यूँ गम हो तेरे दूर जाने का ?

क्या उसने कभी कहा था वो तेरा था ?

make your pc beep when you press caps lock or num lock

Suppose if you’re writing something very urgent on the last minute and you press the caps lock key to turn caps lock on, and afterwards you  realize that you’ve done the mistake. You never wanted to type the paragraph in CAPITALS..

Well you can change the case of letters if you’re typing in some advanced software, but precaution is always better than cure.

Today I’ll explain a simple window function by which you can make the computer beep when you press the caps lock and num lock keys.

The picture below shows the control panel location and the option to be ticked.

turn on sound when press CAPS

alternately  you can do this by pressing the num lock key for 5 seconds.

turn on sound when press CAPS1

I’ll be back soon with some other little trick or info 🙂 don’t forget to add your comments.

Change fonts on N73

Have a look at this fonts..

Screenshot0002 Screenshot0003 Screenshot0005Screenshot0004

Isn’t it cool..!? If your answer is on 🙂

Today I’ve found THREE ways to change the device’s default fonts without using any application!

The process is as follows:

No. 1: Without card reader
1. connect your phone via mass storage
2. open “resource” folder on memory card
3. create “fonts” folder
4. copy the font files into that folder [Copy ONLY The 3 or some times 4 font files that are in the extracted folder you have downloaded]
5. Please check Various font files that are available in the extracted folder have the following file names: NOSNR60, NSSB60, NSTSB60 (some times S60ZDIGI). Please copy only these files to created fonts folder.
6. restart your phone

note: you cannot access mass storage if you have fonts installed, so to
access mass storage or to change/remove the fonts:

1. turn off your phone.
2. remove memory card.
3. turn on your phone and wait for it until it goes on standby.
4. insert memory card.
5. wait for a minute.
6. connect your data cable and choose mass storage.
7. open the “fonts” folder.
7. delete or replace the set of fonts.
8. restart.

No. 2: With card reader

follow the same procedure except inserting the card in card reader. This is the faster way to change fonts.

No.3 Without PC

there is a way to change the fonts without using a PC..!

1) you need a hacked phone (with caps on & caps off installed or with secman) and x-plore.
2) open secman and turn platform security off or click on caps off.
3) go to E:\resource, press 9 and make a folder named fonts.
4) go to the downloaded .zip file, click to open it, select the three font files and extract it to E:\resource\fonts.
5) restart the phone and you’re done. 🙂

Note: you cannot access mass storage if you have fonts installed, so to
access mass storage or to change/remove the fonts:

1. turn off your phone.
2. remove memory card.
3. wait until the phone start.
4. insert memory card.
5. go to x-plore (don’t forget to turn the security off).
7. open the “fonts” folder.
7. delete or replace the set of fonts.
8. restart.

I’m adding the font pack(cami font) which I liked the most. Download it from the side gadget or directly from here.

the screen shots are shown above.