Status of AICTE approval of AMIE (IEI)

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Recently I was asked questions like “Should I undertake a course from AMIE?” “What is the status of AICTE approval of AMIE?” “Is AMIE approved by AICTE?” and so on. Basically all these questions are being asked by my students who have completed their diploma courses in engineering. Many of them want to do degree courses (BE/Btech) through distant learning so that they can get the graduate degree while continuing their jobs. The main reason for doing this courses is they wanted to apply for Government jobs based on the degree they will get from distant education.

The main question here is “what is the status of AMIE in 2015? Should you take admission in 2015?” I’ll say No! you should not take admission in AMIE in 2015.

The answer is you should wait.

In fact you should stay away from any distant learning organization giving the graduate degree in engineering. In the following lines I’ll tell you why.

The story begins here!

AMIE the engineering degree is offered by the Institution of Engineers (India) through distance education mode. IEI (Institution of Engineers-India) was governed by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development).

In 2006 MHRD published a Notification in Gazette of India approving 15 courses offered by IEI as equivalent to regular degree courses from recognized universities.


An order dated 06/12/2012 by MHRD says, “All those students who are enrolled with the institutions with permanent recognition up to 31.05.2013 would be eligible for consideration in accordance with MHRD office memorandum/ order in force pertaining to their course for equivalence in Central Government jobs. However, these concerned orders will cease to have effect from 01.06.2013 onwards. After 31.05.2013, based on the review by the regulator i.e. AICTE, a decision on continuation of the certification of equivalence of degree/diploma shall be taken by statutory regulator. And the statutory regulators should review the fresh proposals/ extension as per their statute and regulations.”


This means that if you have done AMIE before 2013 you don’t have to worry. 01.06.2013 onwards IEI will have to take approval from AICTE as stated in the above order.

If you look at the list of “List of AICTE approved institutions (A.Y. 2015-16) as on 30th April 2015” you will find that IEI is not listed here. So, we conclude that IEI  is not approved by AICTE. Now, MHRD has already withdrawn its approval to IEI and AICTE has not approved it in 2015-16. What is the future of IEI in such situation? You can understand that there is no future for such courses.

Recently I was going through an advertisement for (GETs) Graduate Engineer Trainees and you should have a look at what I found.

In conclusion,

Courses offered by IEI are not valid for direct recruitment as Graduate Engineers. I’ll say that if you plan to join any Government organization (like HPCL) you should take admission in full-time course instead of distant education course. Or  in my opinion you should rather wait till AICTE approves/disapprove IEI.

According to my conversation with a very senior professor engaged in teaching for over three decades, courses offered by IEI are still considered valid if you are going to take admission in any Post Graduate course. It might also be valid if you are already employed in an organization and anticipating a promotion after getting a degree from distant education.


The current state of AICTE approval of IEI (and hence AMIE) is not clear and it is advisable to wait till AICTE takes any decision in this regard.

Like every Government agency in India, AICTE is also not clear about its stand on the issue. AICTE defines a course as Hybrid Model if education is provided off campus and students are called in occasionally (like for exam), and it approves Hybrid Model. I don’t know what to make out of this. May be AICTE will approve IEI (AMIE) in future. Nothing is clear! Have a look a the screenshot of their website.

AICTE screenshot

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      • I enrolled AMIE in 2011. Passed in 2014. I wish to apply for a post in BARC, but they have not allowed AMIE from this year. I am trying to contact them that I am eligible but I am not successful in being able to convince them. As soon applications will close, what are possible actions I could take? Kindly clarify that if matter is in ‘stay’ in court than what is condition presently. As I need help quickly, what is faster way to reach you

      • They should be convinced after seeing the order from MHRD which states that those who have enrolled before May 2013 will be considered eligible for all purposes (job and higher education).
        You can contact me here or on Twitter or Facebook page. I try to reply as soon as possible to help anyone.

      • Dear Mentor,

        Myself Mohit Dua working in a private firm, willing to pursue AMIE from Institution of Engineers (India) but I just heard that there is a conflict going between AMIE & AICTE can you please guide me what to do?

        Also guide us that after doing AMIE, would I be able to apply for Government. Jobs for Central Government , State Government. & PSU Jobs etc

        Also please guide us & let us know regarding the judgement of the Honourable High Court regarding AICTE approval for AMIE.

      • Sir I am studying diploma in EC I have got 80% in 5th sem and have got placed in campus selection so I decided to go to job as well I want to complete my education I decided to join aime plz guide me as I have taken correct decision or not

      • sir, may i know the recent update about approval status of IEI. Is it still on hold? If it is still pending then what are the options left for doing BE in this country via distance learning? Your sincere guidance is solicited.

      • Shailesh Kumar,
        Government has not taken any decision regarding the issue till now. AICTE is upgrading the course structure for distance learning of Technical courses. Please read other comments and a post on the blog to get a better idea about the present status.

      • Sir i want to join aime
        i just want degree i have job but for further education like ME or MBA or GATW is this AMIE considered

      • Sir I have completed my Diploma In Mechanical Engineering from MSBTE Mumbai this year i.e. 2016 currently I am working in Voltas shall i go for AMIE ? Is it valid for appearing in railway exams ? I am preparing for RRB Senior Section Engineer. Waiting for your reply….

      • Hello sir ,
        I am Dhanashri. If I complete AMIE and BE/B Tech from Pune or any other university , Is that considered equal to post graduation? Waiting for your reply

      • Please read it again, the notification clearly states that those students who were enrolled upto 31.05.2013 stands recognised. This means that if you had taken admission in AMIE before this date, your degree is equivalent to regular engineering degree for higher education as well as government and private jobs.

    • Why this country’s court takes so much time to decide it’s stand on serious issues like education.
      Why not clearing it’s stand on AMIE .
      Since more than 10 lakh students have already registered and still registering after2013.
      Court should come to its final desicision and take a decision rather than waiting and watching should not play with future of so many Students..

    • Sir ,I had enrolled myself into AMIE into 2013 and completed 2016 ,sir could you tell me it would be valuable or not.

  1. Sir,I have completed my diploma in ece and want to do graduation or be to have degree…I have only 5-6 year left for maximum age to appear for competative exams…I should wait for iei approval or complete my graduation from BA( eng honours)……???

    • As stated in the above article it would be better if you join any regular BE/BTech course from a recognized University. Even if you can not leave your job there are some universities which provide on campus evening classes. The course duration is 4 years and it is AICTE approved.
      One such university is MS University in Vadodara, Gujarat.
      Finally it depends on you, if you want to leave your job or if you want to pursue a course with uncertain future.

      Let me know if I can help you further.

  2. Sir i have completed my diploma in 2004 i have an experience of approx 8 years in my field . But for my future progress graduation is the minimum requirement. i had join AMIE but left in the middle.

    I am eger to complete my graduations but cant find any institute etc which is recognized.
    I reside in mumbai.

    Kindly advice how shall i proceed.

    • you can continue and complete your AMIE. The problem is only when you want to get job for the first time, but if you are already working in a company then there is no problem in doing AMIE to be eligible to get promotions.

      • Sir myself Ankit kumar
        I have completed my diploma in2014 and appeared in IEI Amie in civil engineering branch in November 2015 is it recognized by AICTE at this this time or not. What will be its future.? Plase reply me ….

      • Sir I already existing in steel authority of India limited and I have completed my registration in October 2014 for preparation for indian engineering service .After complition the graduation in future can I apply for indian engineering services? So help to clear this doubts

    • Yes, there is no problem in doing AMIE if you are already doing job. But don’t forget to take permission from your company before starting any academic course, or they may not recognize it afterwards.

    • Praveen,
      Foreign countries do not recognize mark-sheets/certificates given by Indian universities/institutes. The marks you’ve received has to be converted as per “international grade system”. This document is called transcript(1). When I was working as lecturer I’ve helped many students get this document so that they can happily go to work in foreign countries.

      Some countries even don’t recognize the diploma provided by Indian institutes. They require you to pass trade specific exams there.

      You can a transcript from IEI by applying in specified format(2) and paying the fees.
      (1) Read about transcript here
      (2) Format for transcript

      Please let me know if I can help any further.

  3. Sir,
    I have done diploma in 2014 and then placed in a good company through campus. And i want to complete my graduation so that i can apply for govt. Jobs and i also want to try for civil services. So i have applied for iei membership. Pls sujjest me if the amie is suitable for me or not. Sir i cannot left my job anyhow. So what will be good for me?? Pls sujjest.

      • I graduated as electronics and telecommunication engineer from NIT. now I am doing btech in electrical engineering from AMIE by just giving part B. As they exempted part A . should I am eligible to apply where AMIE degree is accepted. e.g in UP electricity board Bihar electricity board etc

  4. dear Sir,
    I had enrolled with AMIE in 2008 and my first six year tenure was completed in dec’2013 but I am unable to complete my SEC A in that first six Years. Then in 2014 i have re – registered with AMIE with same Membership number as I was allotted earlier. Sir, please clarify me whether my registration is consider before 2013 or after 2013.

  5. Dear Sir
    as I was registered In AMIE since 2008 and presently I am pesued is the rule of 2013 is also applicable for me. or it is only for those who registered after 2013.

  6. friends dont worry ….institute of engineers aicte ka baap haa…kuch solution jarur milega..dont worry about approal .amie degree has a great value…aicte will must take a good decesion but there may be lot of change in the new format syllabus and exam process.i think in future amie degree will be more valuabe.

    • suvankar malik,
      As of now AMIE degree is not considered at par with regular degree.
      Many private companies which have accepted this so far has shown a declining interest in considering AMIE candidates for promotions.
      If you think you’ve a better knowledge about the topic at hand, you’re absolutely welcome to share it.

  7. In MHRD circular of AIME recognitions withdraw , a statement given as
    //enrolled with the institutions with permanent recognition upto 31.05.2013 //

    What is mean by “permanent recognition upto 31.05.2013”

    Does this MEANS passed out Students (i.e Completion of AIME before 31.05.2013)


    Rigistered Students as ST/T (i.e Senior technician /Technician etc) before 31.05.2013?

    Kindly confirm!

    Thanks in advance

    • Gaju,
      “Permanent recognition upto 31.05.2013” is used for institutions here.
      As per my understanding if you’ve registered before the specified date, you should not worry. Does this require any further clarification?

      • Prashant D H,
        Answer to your both questions is Yes.
        I have already answered this question in previous comments in detail, please read it.
        I can not answer the same question again and again.

      • tell me that ice ludhiyana punjab approved mhrd and aicte and letter date 6/12/2012 is true letter please tell me i can job state and central in civil branch

      • Enrolled upto 31.5.2013 means what?
        1. As a T/ ST MEMBER??
        2. As an associate member of IEI ??
        Which one is correct??

      • Sir I have done B.E civil from The institution of civil engineers india
        I have taken admission in winter 2009 and pass out in winter 2014
        1)Do this is valid or not
        2)I want to travel to abroad for job ambassy required attachtation from HRD so is it possible

        Pls help sir

  8. Sir, I’ve been registered on 31st may 2013 IEI,So i don’t have to worry, right?? and I’m doing this course without a job, do i need to worry? Because when i did Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, i was in the same trauma, ’cause it was neither a degree or diploma. After completion and struggling for 3 years decided to go for a higher degree, i didn’t have that much money to go for a AICTE approved college,so i joined IE (INDIA) to get a better future, but now I’m in the middle of somewhere i don’t know where i should go or not, this is frustrating, This is a very complicated country, that is why the decisions always make us suffer. I’m really worried. Please reply…am i in good state or not???

    • Rakesh,
      As per my understanding of the issue there shouldn’t be any problem for you. You should be eligible to appear in government exams. Keep studying!
      And if you plan to study further you should take up some course which really develops some skills/competencies.

      And yes, government departments in our country should take up their responsibility and should clear the confusion over this issue.

      Let me know if I can be of any further help.

      • thanks 4 ur positive reply, The company like Honeywell, Goodrich in Bangalore they are considering it or not, please confirm it…for me it would be helpful

    • Sanjay sir I’m working as assistant engineer in state government of TELANGANA, I was joined in IME (Mumbai), for further promotions. I was joined for AMIME (Mech), in Mumbai IME college in the year 2013 April and I have appeared for 1st semester exams in June 2013, and I finished my degree. My question is is the certificate valid for further like promotion, pg course Pl clarify me sir.

  9. Recently I talked to one of my friends working in L&T and he said that the company considered AMIE at par with regular degree courses in past. Now they are not giving it that much importance. But as per my understanding you can try for government exams.
    And for information regarding Honeywell it’ll take time for me to ask someone. But I’ll definitely let you know about it as soon as possible.

  10. Hello sir,
    If i am not wrong then AICTE has released a notification that AMIE and such euquivalent courses are now approved by it.And I have that letter from AICTE also.It has mentioned that AMIE is now recognized for five years.

    • Hello Deepak,
      I checked AICTE website and didn’t find any notification regarding this. If you have read this on Facebook, I’ll advice you not to believe such things until and unless a official notification is published on AICTE website.
      If you have the copy of notification/letter stating that AMIE is approved for next five years, Please share it with us all. It will be very helpful.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I am doing a job from last three years after completing my diploma and now i want to do degree through distant learning(AMIE), so please suggest me whether to join AMIE or not..

    • Surender,
      Why do you want to achieve Graduate degree?
      If you want to achieve the degree so that you will be considered for promotion in your job, you should consult with your organization first. If you are working with any government organization, you may be considered for promotion after getting the degree. Private companies have their own policies. But it is necessary to take prior permission from your employer otherwise they may not recognize you as a graduate.
      Let me know for any further clarification/information.

  12. Sir
    I’m doing a private job as a diploma basis.I also continued amie.sir I want to know for higher qualification it is any is valid or not.

    • Asit,
      As of now the future of AMIE (or any other hybrid mode course) is not clear. But we can hope for a better tomorrow. Depending upon a recent recommendation by a committee, these courses will undergo review process and will be modified to be more useful and relevant.
      As per my thinking you should continue AMIE and complete it with good grades.
      All the best!

    • Asit,
      It is valid. AMIE is accepted by many institutes/companies/State Governments. If you can not afford regular degree course it is alright to persue AMIE. If you are already doing AMIE I’ll recommend completing it.

  13. Sir
    can i apply for govt tender after civil engineering from amie.
    is amie degree valid in public departments like phed or pwd ect.

  14. I completed my diploma in 2015.I want to join for higher studies.But facing an economical problem from my family i can not join for a regular degree course,so i am thinking about to join AMIE.As AICTE withdrawn their approval from AIME. If there is any prblem in future for me to apply for various gov. And nongov . Jobs?Tell me about the scope of the jpbs for amie holders.and value of amie without aicte approval.

    • Kiranmoy Samanta,
      I have written the this post to answer the questions you have asked. Please go through the post and let me know if you have any specific question. I’ll be happy to help.

  15. Sir i have completed diploma in automobile engineering in 2014 and want to be graduate with mechanical engineering through distance so could you suggest me any university for this near by delhi.

    • Tara Chand,
      Sorry, I do not live in Delhi. I’m not aware of any such institute there.
      But there is MS University in Gujarat which gives evening classes and they provide a regular degree certificate not distance one.
      You should find such institute near-by Delhi.
      Please let us know if you find it. It will be helpful for others also.

  16. Sir, I am working in BHEL, a PSU. There will be recruitment for the post of Engineer Trainee in Jan-2016. For departmental candidate, requirement is AMIE. But i have done my btech from IIIE, Mumbai, which is equivalent to AMIE. Check here

    Kindly suggest me the way to prove my degree as equivalent to AMIE. Means what documents i need to get and from where.

    Also plz tell me that as per the MHRD notification, Can i apply in my company as departmental candidate?


  17. GATE 2016 Eligibility Accepts Professional Society Examinations (equivalent to B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch.) B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch. equivalent examinations, of Professional Societies, recognized by MHRD/UPSC/AICTE (e.g., AMIE by Institution of Engineers-India, AMICE by the Institute of Civil Engineers-India) Completed section A or equivalent of such professional courses
    Please Follow the Link

    • Sadhu,
      Yes GATE accepts this exams as equivalent to regular degrees. But many of the industries which recruit based on the GATE score does not consider distance learning/Hybrid mode as equivalent to regular degrees.

  18. sir, i enrolled in amie in july 2015 .so if cleared exams and got degree from amie..then will i eligible for any govt. examination.. or further post graduate..(m tech),(ME) if i eligible for post graduate.. then that post graduate may be from any aicte approved college & based on that graduation.., will i able to apply for govt. jobs

    • Abhay,
      You’ll be able to apply for MANY government jobs after getting your degree from distance learning courses. And you’ll be eligible for post graduation also.

      Basically answer to all your questions is Yes!

      (Your comment was marked as spam by WordPress and it was not visible, that’s why I’m replying late.)

  19. Sir i’m complete my diploma in 2015. Now i’m doing a job. I will complete my gratuation in AMIE. After complete in AMIE can i doing M.TECH in regular mode.

  20. Sir,
    l have completed diploma in ETCE in 2011 and took a admission in BTCH in 2012 and leave it after one year due to family problem. Now i am prepairing for govt jobs. But I want to be graduate and do civil jobs through UPSC. I have not too time and also money for regular BTCH. What sholud I do?

    • Sananda,
      If you want to prepare for UPSC(Administrative Services) and need your graduation degree for this purpose only, I’ll suggest you should graduate in Arts (persue BA not BTech). And choose your subjects wisely.
      Persue BTech only If you want to appear for UPSC (Engineering Services).
      Let me know if you need some further clarification on this.

  21. So, if you are unable to join any regular degree courses for any reason, a graduate degree from Institute of Engineers (India) will be good enough to appear in UPSC Engineering Services.

    • sir, i was enroled in amie as a technician member on 31st may, 2013. But till then i havent appeared for exams.I am planning to appear for first 4 papers on june,2016. will there be any problem? i would be highly obliged to hear from you at the earliest. regards, Abhishek

      • Abhishek,
        I can not say anything for sure, but as per my thinking there shouldn’t be any problems.
        By the way, a committee appointed by AICTE to review hybrid mode technical education has submitted its report and there are going to be many changes in the curriculum and I suppose AMIE will be recognized as at par with regular degree courses.

  22. Sir ,
    I have completed diploma on 2015. Still waiting to join amie course before i want to know that if i completed amie section a and b
    1) whether I’m considered as a graduate out of india
    2)in india is there is any problem for getting job as a graduate in private companies
    2)what is the status of case against its approvals

    • Srinath kg,
      I’ve already replied to all your questions in other comments, please read it. It will be helpful to get a clear idea of the present situation.
      Still I’m answering it once again.
      1) Indian University mark sheets and grade cards are not accepted internationally. You’ll have to obtain “Transcript” from AMIE. And for the question you’ve asked I can not say for sure how will they consider it. But what I suppose depending upon the present situation, there will be major changes in the curriculum of AMIE and it will more beneficial for the students.

      2) Some of the private/Government companies don’t consider AMIE at par with regular degree courses. I think this answers your question.

      3) I am not following that case. Somebody informed me about that in a discussion on Facebook. But we all know how much time it takes for the court to take any decision and then after how much time it takes for the government to implement that.

      I strongly suggest you to read ALL the questions and answers in the comments, it’ll be helpful. And that is why I always prefer open discussions.

      Let me know if you have any queries.

  23. AICTE to review hybrid mode Technical Education and AMEI will be recognized as per at Regular Degree course means Students Enrolled will be attending Regular classes ….?

    • No, Students will not attend regular classes. But the present pattern will change. There will be major changes in the curriculum. The focus will be on practical classes than theoretical classes.

      For example, AMIE will require that you obtain a certificate from your employer/company that “you are actually learning the practicals at work and you don’t need to attend practical classes.”

      I’m saying this based on a report submitted by “AICTE review committee”.

      Let me know if I need to clarify this further.

      • Thanks for the Reply Sir. But I want to get clarified on your example again ..
        1)Don’t need to attend practical means Lab will be exempted…?.
        2.) So Now AMIE has no Problem from AICTE..?
        And sorry to bother you with so many questions.

      • Practical will be very important part of the new curriculum. But it doesn’t mean you’ll have to attend practical sessions at college only.
        As per my understanding, AICTE may introduce some changes according to which a certificate from the company you’re working in may be considered equivalent to attending practical classes.
        And if you’re not working in any industry, then you may need to go to some college to complete your practicals.
        And this all are my own conclusions based on a recent report from AICTE review committee.
        As of now, AICTE has not approved AMIE. But I believe that after updating the curriculum it will recognize AMIE.

  24. AICTE to review hybrid mode technical education and AMEI will be recognised as at a per regular degree course means will the Enrolled students of AMEI attend regular classes

  25. sir i have enrolled myself for amie in 2008 and i am about to complete the course in dec 15. should i worry about my degree in engineering( amie)

    • manoj kumar,
      You should not worry as there is no problem for you because you’ve registered yourself before 2013.
      (sorry I am late in replying. It was marked under spam by WordPress so I was unable to see it)

  26. Sir i’m complete my diploma in 2015. Now i’m doing a job. I will want to join iit suggest can i join amice or b.e part time

    • You can join AMIE or any other hybrid mode course and get a graduate degree. You will be able to appear for GATE after that. You can take admission in M.Tech course from any institute based on your All India Rank in GATE.

  27. Sir, i’ve done my diploma in mech. Engg. From delhi. Currently i’m doing a job . So is there any option in part time in any college in delhi?? And are they aicte approved. Please tell me sir so that i can apply for govt. Jobs . Is part time from punjab tech. Uni. Approved to aicte??

    • Please read my reply to previous comments. I’ve already answered a similar question. You can join AMIE, not all government companies / PSUs consider it equivalent to full time BE/B.Tech but there are still many.
      Regarding Punjab University approval look for it on their official website.

  28. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for valuable info. and I have read all previous comments,hats off to your patience while responding to repetitive que 🙂 I really appreciate it.

    • Yes, you can.
      But you’ll have to take prior permission from your employer. You’ll have to apply for permission for further study through proper channel in your organization. After that you can take admission.

      If you take admission without their prior permission and complete the course, the organization may not consider it. So, it is always advisable to take prior written permission through proper channel.

      Hope it helps.

  29. Hello Sanajay,
    Today I have called to AMIE Mumbai office to ask status of AICTE approval. They told me now AMIE is AICTE approved and they will display the same notice on website after one to two months. Is it correct? shall I take the admission in AMIE?

  30. Sir, I have enroll in Amie in 2008 as sr technician but due to unfavourable reasons i doesn’t appear in exam also lost id card but now i want to appear in exam so guide me what to do as can i take fresh admission or not please guide.

  31. Sir i had been joined amie in july 2015.but i m not appear in dec 2015 exam.i want to do my first attempt in june i continue the amie? Is that amie has less importance after aicte approvel ? Is it work on gov jobs or not ? There is very confusion and i m worried also qbout the future after doing this. Why the gov take this review against this premiere institute? Please suggest me what is the best for me sir?

  32. Sanjay sir aicte approval ka kya hua?kya mai new admission le sakta hu sir koi future me dikkat to nahi hogi kyo ki mujhe central promotion ke liye lagana hai pls reply me

  33. sir , i am selected in central excise through ssc ( graduate level exam) and i have done my graduation from IETE (amiete cs course) in 2011. now excise department is asking whether this institute is recognized or not and the amiete is equivalent to graduation or not. they are not issuing my joining letter.
    sir , if you have any mhrd letter where it mention that which courses are recognized and their equivalency like amie which you have posted above it will be gartefull

  34. sir ,i am selected in central excise through ssc (graduate level exam). i have done my graduationin 2011
    fron IETE (amiete cs course) . now excise department is asking to whether IETE is recognised OR not and the
    course amiete is equivalent to graduation or not.
    sir , if you have any mhrd note where it is mention that the courses offered by IETE is equivalent to degree
    please share with .i will be gratefull to you. excise department is not issuing my
    appointment letter untill they verified it

    • bardi vishal, Congratulations for the job!
      Here is the link to the Office memorandum stating that “All those students who are enrolled with the institutions with permanent recognition up to 31.05.2013 would be eligible for consideration in accordance with MHRD office memorandum/ order in force pertaining to their course for equivalence in Central Government jobs.”


      Feel free to ask if you need further assistance. All the best!

      • Anyone who has joined any technical distance learning course before 31.05.2013 should not be worried about anything. If any organization asks you to prove that your AMIE/IETE degree is valid, just print and give them the above mentioned letter.

  35. sir , its okay but the excise office is asking “whether the certificate issued by The Institution of electronics And Telecommunication Engineers is a graduate degree from recognized university” .
    so that if you have the list of courses offered by iete which is recognized by mhrd like you have posted for amie

  36. Sanjay Sir, Thanks for your patience, its sad, that these decision/direction are pending so long, without proper direction to students , who keeps worrying while studying for AMIE which is real tough to clear. i appreciate your efforts for your guidance. Good work .

  37. Sir,i comlpeted diploma civil last year,now i am working in private i would like to do AMIE for the purpose of getting PWD jobs in state or central govt.Is AMIE suitable for me? or not?? And also tel me about below link for AICTE approval.

  38. Hi Solanki,

    I just gone through your blog and clear explanation for the course AMIE. I am Sure it will help for many students including me. Coming to the point, I finished my diploma in ECE at 2012 then after a year I searched for AMIE and came to know that there is no valid recognition for the course. I dont want to wait till the court case resolves hence I switched to pursue B.C.A in correspondence mode in 2013 december and I am currently doing final year of that course as well and I can able to see still the court case is ongoing so I thought that my decision is wiser then. But Iam having lot of questions on my mind they are as follows

    1. Last year BITS pilani announced their (information systems) in (WILP mode) course is valid for government exams/PSU jobs?
    2. After completing my BCA, I would like to pursue for MCA in correspondence, whether MCA in correspondence is valid for government jobs/ higher studies ?
    3. As Iam already working, whether my BCA will be consider by global employers ?
    4. In my experience I went to lot of interviews and I came around a question they need 10+2+3 pattern of education. I completed my diploma in lateral entry and finished in 2 years. Whether diploma in lateral entry also considered as 3 years diploma or 2 years?

    I am currently doing final year of BCA in correspondence(three years course)
    I already did my diploma(lateral entry) in 2012

    Kindly suggest me which course I should prefer?

    Thanks in Advance

  39. Hi Solanki,

    I just gone through your blog and views about the course AMIE. I am sure it will help for many guys whom they completed their diploma and waiting for pursuing graduation including me. I completed my D.E.C.E in 2012 and after a year I came to know about AMIE so I searched a lot about it and finally I ended after seeing the withdrawn notification of MHRD and also came to know that case was ongoing. I dont want to wait till the case issue resolves hence I switched to pursue B.C.A in correspondence and currently I can still able to see the case was ongoing without any improvement so that I thought my decision is wiser then. But still Im having many questions in my mind they are as follows

    1. I completed my diploma in lateral entry mode(after 12th) hence will it be consider as three years diploma or two years diploma?
    2. I am planning for higher education also, so M.C.A in correspondence will be consider for all government jobs/ government exams?
    3. Last year BITS Pilani announced courses in WILP mode, whether those courses were considered for government jobs/governments exams/higher studies?

    Which course should I prefer M.C.A or now?

    Thanks in advance

  40. Sir
    I have completed my diploma in 2015 , now I want to get degree for the respective branch ( mechanical) . Sir should I join AMIE or not. Sir I don’t want to have regular classes..hence preferring for AMIE , sir pls help me out of if it will be right step for me or not…??? As in respect of my degree validity through amie..??

  41. Dear Sanjay Ji,

    Your blog is to the point , with adequate proofs and informative . I liked it . I had the wolloing observations/experiences :

    a)IETE has more or less been honest in the sense that they have a couple of liners , in their site , prominently displayed, devoted to this case of AICTE derecognition . They have accepted this AICTE derecognition somewhat .

    b)IE has been hiding the facts looks like . I dont see their site having any reference of this case and also they are claiming that AICTE recog does not apply to them .

    Whats is the story with point b) (AMIE) ? who is telling a lie here ? AICTE/MHRD is not clear or is IE telling a balant lie ?

    And currently what is the status with regards to AICTE recogntion of both AMIE and AMIETE ? Can you kindly point me to some authentic web resources about the same I gather AICTE was to recognize these (2015 end) , but what happened after that ?

    I am a little confused .


  42. hi sanjay sir i,want to take admission in amie for extc i’ve completed my extc in 2014 as i want to pursue degree as well do a job i read ur before comment that u need to take a prior permission from the employee from the company ur working with or else company will not consider degree for promotion with so how to take permission and approach to amie with the permission kindly GUIDE mE plZZZZZ HELP!!! waiting for ur reply

    • If you are already employed in a company, you’ll have to take prior permission from them. You’ll have to write an application asking for permission for further study. The company will give you the permission in writing. Then you can take admission in any course to acquire further qualification.

  43. Sanjay Sir, Can you please provide the information about IME (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) ? As I am doing, graduation program thru IME after my diplome Mechanical. Can IME’s gaduation program is valid for GATE ? Has MHRD also taken out approval of IME also like AMIE ?
    Please guide.

    • At present AICTE has not approved any of the distance learning course. All the technical courses run by all organizations will be reviewed and will be approved after making necessary changes.

  44. Sir i have completed diploma in electrical in 2014 ,then i joined in amie ,but can i get it’s equivalent to degree in abroad country like UK or CANADA .
    can i get job in state government as a graduate level after completion of amie.
    can i do regular post graduation of any university in india after completion of amie.

  45. Sir i took admission in IEI in 2012.I have passed sec B in dec i have taken admission for mba in mumbai university.mumbai university during submission asked for equivalence certificate.I have provided them the certificate which is gazette of india notification certificate which i got when i applied for do i have to worry??

  46. Dear Sir,
    I had completed Amiete in the year 2011, just wanted to know can my certificates be attested from HRD, for overseas job

  47. respected sir i three year diploma holder and working in PSU i passed b-tech from karnataka state open university in jan-2014, as per notification issued by MHRD on in june 2015 that b-tech through distance education is recognized if it is approved by UGC provided admission should before may-2013

    • I do not understand if you have any query. But if you’re worried about recognition of your degree for job/further study, you should not be worried if you have had taken admission before May 2013. As you’ve completed the degree in 2014, you should not be worried if Karnataka Open University is approved by UGC.

      • sir i am also having the same problem . working in PSU having diploma and completed B tech from ksou in 2014. now when i applied in AMIE for further studies they have rejected my application. now i am worried my degree is valid or not

  48. Dear Sir, i appreciate your inputs, there is a little bit more interpretation i would like to add,
    Any student who has enrolled before 31-05-2013 are eligible.

    The notification writes enrolled, not completion of course.

  49. Sir,
    I have completed my diploma dec 2014 and I am giving exam of Amie and I am doing preparation of I.E.S. After completed my Amie will I eligible for I.E.S. Wheather IEI is not approved from AICTE

  50. Sir is Keshav Bhardwaj. I have enrolled bin amie in 2014 and I have done diploma in 2013. I have cleared my section A . and just given my section b exams in Dec 2015. I just enrolled in amie as I want to do govt job. And I’m so passionate about that. I’m doing job also as my families financial condition is not good. Now what to do. I can’t leave job. So what to do I mean how mhrd can do this , how mhrd can play with students like that. Now what can I do , I mean I can’t leave my job. I want to give civil services exams . should I don’t have any right to go ahead in my future. Please tell me what to do can I do a regular degree with non attending system. Because I don’t need a degree I just need a approved degree so that I can give govt. Exam.

    • Keshav Bhardwaj,
      UPSC revognizes AMIE. You need not worry if you want to take UPSC exams.
      And according to the present situation it seems that MHRD will soon decide the future of distance learning technical courses. Please read my latest post. We hope that everything will be fine at last!
      Don’t get frustrated and keep moving forward. All the best for your future.

  51. sir plz inform is it correct decision to join part time at MS University of Baroda.will I give UPSC, APSC, SSC, GATE etc. after this course? will I eligible for central and state govt. jobs and further study?will it considered as eligible for all jobs where full time can apply according to the notification published by mhrd in june 2015

    • Soriful,
      Yes, it is right decision to join part time BTech offered by MS University. This course is equivalent to full time BE and you’ll be considered eligible for higher education and job.

  52. sir plz inform is it a correct decision to join part time b. tech at MS University of Baroda.can I give UPSC, APSC, SSC, GATE exam after this course? will I eligible for all for central and state govt jobs and further study?will I apply in all jobs where full time can apply according to the notification published by mhrd in june 2015?

  53. I am doing job in private company.I want to pursue my M.TECH later.Can i join amie.I am not bothered about central govt jobs.i want to join amie in this december.Is it problem for my M.TEChH later

  54. What does “concerned orders will cease to have effect from 2013” mean? Which order it refers to?. If to the same orders than today enrollments before 2013 are applicable or not?

      • The letter of MHRD I sent to BARC did not convince them. They have mailed me that government has taken back recognition of AMIE. I talked with IEI recognition dept. regarding this but they said they have mailed them twice to which BARC has not paid heed so they can’t do anything more. Kindly tell what can be done now.

      • Students has to pay for the ignorant behavior of MHRD. Until and unless MHRD takes some decision regarding the matter, the problem will be there.
        I think we all should tweet about this issue to MHRD minister Smriti Irani, may be she’ll take some action then.
        Nobody has the right to play with the future of so many students.

  55. Respected sir, AMIE is recognized in gulf countries UAE,Qatar,Saudi? AMIE graduates get work permit in gulf countries?
    Kindly reply

    • ashwin,
      I work in shift and I have to work for at least 8 hours a day, sometimes I’ve to work for 16 hours a day. So please bear with me if I’m not able to reply to your comment instantly. I am always ready to help anyone in any way possible.
      Be sure that I reply to each and every comment as soon as possible.

    • Sometimes I may not have the information someone is asking and I have to gather that information from reliable sources before I reply to that comment. I may take longer to reply in such cases.

  56. sir, really sorry for disturb u again with many questions but I have seen notification of AAI where educational qualification is given Full time degree(also for GATE exam).shall I eligible for such post and exams after part time degree from MS UNIVERSITY?Can I persue such part time degree while doing a central govt. job?can I do full time degree after this course?

    • 1. The degree provided by MS University is a full time degree. So, don’t worry and go ahead!
      2. You can persue this course along with job. But, the degree certificate provided to you does not mention that it is a part time course.
      So, according to my understanding you’ll have to show anyone of either degree certificate or job experience at a time.
      3. You can certainly persue master degree course after this degree.
      You are welcome for more questions. I’ll try to help.

  57. Will Amie programs get approval in 2016? I want to do btech through distant learning. So plz suggest me should I take admission to Amie or not

    • arpana,
      I can no say for sure that AMIE will get approved in 2016.
      But according to the news we’ve got till now it seems fairly certain that some positive action will be taken.
      AMIE may get approval from AICTE but not in the present format. The course will see major changes. Still, the time line is not fixed.
      Hope for the best!

  58. Barc accepted that before 2013 enrollments are allowed but that their director has said that AMIE should not be allowed. I can’t find director’s no. Can a govt. Organisation do that? Who is supposed to act against such organisations?

  59. sir, plz inform my last query that which is better part time from MS UNIVERSITY or AMIE for a central government employee assuming AMIE is already recognized by MHRD or AICTE? are AMIE holders eligible for BDO(Block Development Officer) post conducted by APSC as departmental exam where eligibility criteria is “Any graduate can apply” but not mentioned that”graduate or equivalent”?

    • Soriful Hoque,
      1. Assuming that AMIE is recognized by AICTE, it is better option than part time B.Tech from MS University for you. If you are already employed in Central Government job, you will have to obtain permission before you start any of the above mentioned courses.

      2. I can’t say anything certain about BDO post. Try to get the information from other reliable sources.
      Feel free to discuss. 🙂

  60. 1.sir kindly tell me the reason why AMIE is better.
    2.Can I apply for the jobs where eligibility is “any graduate can apply” with a degree after AMIE

  61. Sir, I had completed diploma in applied electronic from mhrd I would like to do higher studies but not regular batch would like to do it with my job
    If I enroll on amie whether there is any prblm?
    Or any distant education method avail

      • Had read all those but I’m confused so please tell me what is the present condition?
        What all course i can do to get a degree

      • Sir,
        If i enrolled for amie right now that is on or befor December 2016 whether im eligible for writing civil service exam like IES (ENGINEERING SERVICE). basically im a diploma holder right now. Please any body help me

      • I had read all those comments at the same time in those comment i heard that no one enrolled after 2013 are not eligible for some. That makes me confused. Im not enrolled till now. So before enrolling i want to cure all my doubts

  62. Sir I enrolled in iei as a ST in September 2015.
    in June I’m attending sec A subjects
    I may complete whole course (sec a & b) in June 2018.
    after this I have plan to do mba in regular university (not correspondence or open university )
    whether I’m eligible to do mba after amie.

    • Sir I have done BE in electrical engineering and secured second class which makes me worry for getting government jobs as they are asking for first class. In order to overcome my drawbacks can I take amie section B exam only in order to attain first class as I was suggested by amie departmental people to apply for government jobs so in that case I m eligible for govt jobs. Am I right or what is ur suggestions for me.

  63. Sir i enrolled in iei as a ST in june 2013. I have completed section A in Dec 2014 in mechanical engineering and I may complete whole course in 2016 after that can I eligible for CDS exam and tgc in Indian army.

  64. I had filed a RTI in MHRD asking for present status, this is their reply:
    In this regard, it is to inform you that MHRD had issued a Office Memorandum dated 06.12.2012 wherein it is clearly mentioned that all those students who are enrolled with the institutions with permanent recognition upto 31.05.2013 would be eligible for consideration in accordance with MHRD office memorandum /order in force pertaining to their course for equivalence in Central Government jobs. However, these concerned orders will cease to have effect from 01.06.2013 onwards. Now, the case is subjudice in the Honble High Court of Delhi.
    I talked on telephone asking that it does not clarify present status till the time court orders come. But they said till then they also can’t say anything.
    Kindly inform if court stay means amie is recognised or not with documentary proof if possible?

    • You should file RTI to BARC asking them the reason to not approve AMIE even if the student was enrolled before 2013. MHRD has clearly stated that the course is recognized upto 2012, then how/why BARC has not taken this into consideration?
      Let us know if it helps.

      • To clarify MHRD’s stance I had filed a RTI with MHRD also. RTI was – kindly give true copy of letter clarifying and explicitly stating that AMIE students who enrolled in institution of engineers (India) before June 2013 presently considered equivalent to BE for central government jobs (as per MHRD letter of 16/01/2006) irrespective of the outcome of judicial case in high court of Delhi. i.e. the court orders only affect recogintion of students who enrolled after June 2013. Their reply is “In this regard, it is to inform you that equivalence of AMIE degree granted by this Ministry in perpetuity has been withdrawn by this Ministry vide letter dated 06.12.2012”. So BARC cannot be directly questioned for this. Even IEI is not helping now. I am stuck with this degree. When I joined govt. Said I can do it and when I was just above to pass it said no you can’t. Now what am I supposed to do? Its better better you write in blog not to do AMIE.

      • I can understand your feelings Mihir. I can understand your frustration, believe me you are not alone. So many students are affected by this decision and they all are frustrated. But we still hope that something good will happen at end.
        And I still believe that you should file an RTI with BARC. There is no harm in doing it.
        (As you may have noticed I have stopped replying to individual comments, but I’ll still reply to yours, because your efforts can bring some favorable news to at least some of us.
        Let us know what happens next. I insist you to file RTI with BARC. )

      • I have already filed 2 RTI in BARC and 1 first appeal. They have produced letter from MHRD which is of December 2015. I was going to attach it but it can’t be done in comments. It says that MHRD used to recognize course but now it doesn’t. So now when they are following MHRD orders I can’t question them. But still I have filed first appeal that there is stay order on the letter of 06/12/2012. But it will take 1 month to be replied.

      • They have replied to Rti. Stating that letter of 06/12/2012 does not allow amie. I asked about court stay, they replied that no such document is available in BARC thus same answer is upheld. I am thinking of filing petition for stay order. But it costs too much. Do you know about filing petitions which cost less ?

      • Mihir, I’ve no idea about filing low cost petitions. Also I’m finding it difficult to continue this conversation due to the long intervals between comments. I’m sorry that I can not help you out.

  65. Sir I am employed as a Lower divisional clerk in state Govt sector after my +2 Science. I wanna persue AMIE for better future. My percentage of +2 in physics, chemistry and maths is 49 % but English I have just grace pass mark. I wanna know if I am eligible to join the course. Also to mention here that I am a Btech (mechanical) drop out from Kerala university with all 8 semester course done but 7 back papers in 3rd n 4th Semester. Other all semester Cleared. Please advise me.

  66. Dear Mentor,

    Myself Mohit Dua working in a private firm, willing to pursue AMIE from Institution of Engineers (India) but I just heard that there is a conflict going between AMIE & AICTE can you please guide me what to do?

    Also guide us that after doing AMIE, would I be able to apply for Government. Jobs for Central Government , State Government. & PSU Jobs etc

    Also please guide us & let us know regarding the judgement of the Honourable High Court regarding AICTE approval for AMIE.

  67. Waw sanjay sir u r just an awsm guy .such a level of Patience u showed is really u all guys know we r living in a country where so called degrees are valid doesnt matter if u have earned or just got by giving lakhs of amount .but it is the fact .our fool ministers cant see the hard work done by amie holders.either amie gets approved by aicte or not believe me guys it is far better than btech courses .

  68. I am employed as a Lower divisional clerk in state Govt sector after my +2 Science. I wanna persue AMIE for better future. My percentage of +2 in physics, chemistry and maths is 49 % but English I have just grace pass mark. I wanna know if I am eligible to join the course. Also to mention here that I am a Btech (mechanical) drop out from Kerala university with all 8 semester course done but 7 back papers in 3rd n 4th Semester. Other all semester Cleared. Please advise me.

  69. Sir.
    I am complete iti in 2011. At this time i am working in indian railway as Technician . I want to study B. Tech in electrical engineering through iei for other higher grade government jobs and promotion. Can i study in iei or not. I am belongs to very poor family so i have not large Money and time to loose. So please give me susetion

    • AMIE is considered for promotion by many government organizations, but it is not considered for fresh recruitment by many. So, if you want to get promoted in the same organization AMIE may be helpful, not otherwise.

    • AMIE is a part time course and no government organization denies you to pursue it. There is only one condition and that is you’ve to take written permission from the organization before starting the course.

  70. Sir,
    I want to know that indian railway Allow iei in promotion or not and allow in fress jobs or not…….

    Please guide me….

  71. Sir, I want to know i.e Is Coal India considered AMIE (IEI) for Fresh or in Promotion In job…
    Please give me answer…

  72. Sir, I am working in a public sector undertaking company I have done A.M.I.E. IN 2001, but our company makes difference in promotion policy between A.M.I.E. and other full time graduate engineers. Is this legally acceptable?

    • niteen,
      almost every organization does that, but they’ll never accept it. Secondly, who will get promoted is purely a decision of the management, so you can not take any legal action.

  73. Dear sir,
    for registration in section B if anybody not doing job then
    how they attest their registration form.
    Is it is necessary to work any where for completing in section B certificate for engagement.
    Is it is also require to attest their form by any associate member of IEI like we attest previously filling for section A?

  74. Completed diploma in 2015.
    Now in job.
    Please tell recognized universities for part time in delhi/ncr/north india.

  75. Dear Members,
    Please find judgement of Kerala High Court in June
    2014 which was delivered after 3 years it commenced in 2011.:
    Kerala High Court
    Mageeja.M. Nair vs State Of Kerala
    WP(C).No. 31583 of 2011 (W)
    WP(C).No. 31583 of 2011 (W)
    OF INDIA DATED 11.02.2006.
    sts P.A.TO.JUDGE
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011
    Dated, this the 18th day of June, 2014
    Denial of appointment of the petitioner to the post of Assistant Professor, pursuant to Ext. P7 notification, stating that the petitioner is not qualified to hold the post, is the subject matter of challenge in this writ petition.
    2. The petitioner is a graduate, having obtained the qualification of AMIE, as borne by Ext. P1 certificate dated 22.10.2005. Later, based on the said basic qualification, the petitioner was given admission to the Post Graduate Course by Amrita Viswavidyapeetom University, from where the petitioner bagged M.Tech, as borne by Ext. P4 certificate, in the year 2007. In the meanwhile, Ext. P7 notification was issued by the second respondent for filling up of posts of Assistant Professors and some other posts, specifying the required qualification and other eligibility criteria. Qualification prescribed for the post of Assistant Professor, as per Ext. P7, is in the following terms:
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011 “Qualification & Experience for Assistant Professors in Engineering Qualification :
    BE / B Tech and ME / M Tech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE / B.Tech or ME / M.Tech”
    3. According to the petitioner, he is having the required qualification, more so, when the basic qualification ‘AMIE’ obtained by the petitioner was very much equivalent to graduate level qualification ‘BE’. Despite this, no hall ticket was issued to the petitioner, which made him to approach this Court by filing writ petition, with the following prayers:
    (a) To declare that by virtue of Ext. P5 and P6 notification issued by the
    Government of India, Ext. P1 qualification obtained by the petitioner is equivalent to B.E./B.Tech degree of the recognized Universities in India.
    (b) To issue a writ of mandamus or other appropriate writ, order or direction commanding the respondents 2 and 3 to permit the petitioner to participate in the written examination scheduled on 26.11.2011 for selection to the post of Assistant Professor in the Engineering Colleges under the 3rd respondent;
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011
    (c) grant such other and further reliefs as this Hon’ble Court may deem fit to grant in the facts and circumstances of the case.
    4. When the matter came up for consideration on 25.11.2011, an interim order was passed, directing the respondents 2 and 3 to permit the petitioner to participate in the written examination scheduled on 26.11.2011 provisionally, for selection to the post of Assistant Professors in the Engineering Colleges under the 3rd respondent. Based on the said order, the petitioner was permitted to participate in the examination and came to be ranked at serial No. 2 in the rank list. It is pointed out that respondents 2 and 3 have given appointment from the rank list, to persons with lesser traits (ranked below the petitioner). Since appointment is denied to the petitioner, there is a prayer to declare the qualification of the petitioner as equivalent to B.E/B.Tech degree of the recognized Universities in India and to direct the concerned respondent to give appointment to the petitioner.
    5. A counter affidavit has been filed on behalf of the second and third respondents, particularly contending that ‘AICTE’ (All India Council for Technical Education) is the competent authority to
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011 stipulate the qualification, particularly the equivalency. Paragraph 4 of the counter affidavit raising such contention is extracted below for convenience of reference :
    “4. I submit that the third respondent has issued notification evidenced by Ext. P7 inviting application for different teaching posts prescribing the qualification. The qualifications were prescribed in line with the qualification notified by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE for short) which is the authority competent to issue equivalency certificate. It is submitted that AICTE has prescribed the qualification for the post of Asst. Professor as BE/B.Tech and ME/M.Tech in the relevant subject. It is submitted that AICTE has not recognized AMIE as an equivalent qualification to BE/B.Tech for teaching post. I understand and stated that AICTE has clarified that AMIE course is not approved by it. In view of this, candidates possessing AMIE are not eligible for applying to the post notified as per notification evidence by Ext. P7. As petitioner is an AMIE and not a BE/B.Tech graduate, she is not eligible to be considered for the post of Asst. Professor notified as per Ext. P7 notification.”
    By virtue of the nature of contention raised from the part of the above respondents, some additional documents have been
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011 produced by the petitioner along with reply affidavit as Exts. P9 and P10, besides producing some more additional documents as Exts. P11 to P14 along with I.A. No. 7220 of 2014.
    6. The learned counsel for the petitioner points out that there is absolutely no merit or
    bonafides in the contention raised from the part of the respondents 2 and 3 as to the alleged lapse or deficiencies on the part of the petitioner or her qualification. It is also pointed out that the idea and understanding of the respondents 2 and 3, blindly seeking to place reliance on ‘AICTE’ as the competent authority, to certify equivalency of qualification, is wrong and misconceived. Reference is made to Ext. P10, which is a communication dated 08.01.2001 issued by the AICTE in this regard. When the AICTE was required to certify equivalency of AMIE from the Indian Institute of Engineers, India, it was clarified as follows :
    “The equivalence of AMIE will be approved either by the Board of Assessment MHRD or by the Association of Indian Universities for employment and other purposes and for academic equivalence respectively.”
    From the above, it is quite evident that, for the purpose of employment, even according to AICTE, equivalency has to be
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011 approved and certified by the Board of Assessment, MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource and Development) and if it is for academic purpose, it is for the association of Indian Universities, to certify the position.
    7. Coming to the question whether the qualification of ‘AMIE’ was approved by the MHRD, reliance is sought to be placed by the petitioner on Ext. P5 proceedings dated 16.01.2006 of the said Ministry. The said notification categorically stipulates 15 courses of Section A & B examination as revised and conducted by the Institute of Engineers India. The said 15 courses stand recognized by the MHRD as equivalent to Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering of the recognized Universities in India, which includes the subject ‘Computer Science and Engineering’ (which is relevant for the petitioner), enlisted at ‘serial No. 6’. Nothing is mentioned with regard to Ext. P5 or P10 either in the counter affidavit of the respondents 2 & 3; nor is there any additional counter affidavit in this regard. It is also brought to the notice of this Court that Ext. P9 is the equivalency certificate issued by the Kerala University, while Ext. P11 is issued by the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare Department, as early as on
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011 16.08.1978 i.e. even prior to Ext. P5 issued in this regard. Ext. P12 certificate dated 31.08.1977 has been issued by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay accepting equivalency of AMIE for its graduation purpose. Ext. P13 dated 27.02.1978 is the proceedings of the UPSC, considering AMIE as an equivalent qualification. Ext. P14 is a copy of the proceedings dated 24.02.1978 of the Indian Institute of Management to the effect that AMIE can be accepted for its post graduate program.
    8. After hearing both the sides, this Court finds that the stand taken by the 2nd and 3rd respondents to oust the petitioner from the field of consideration, stating that, the petitioner does not have the requisite qualification, AMIE having not been certified as equivalent to B.E/B.Tech, does not hold any water at all. By virtue of the position made clear by the AICTE vide Ext. P10 and also by virtue of Ext. P5 position made clear by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, the qualification of AMIE has necessarily to be considered as an equivalent qualification for the purpose of employment. The writ petition was admitted as early as on 25.11.2011 and it is pending for nearly three years, but no steps have been taken by the respondents to ascertain the factual
    W.P.(C) No. 31583 of 2011 position, if they were having any doubt in this regard, by getting the same clarified by AICTE. No proceeding of the AICTE to the contrary has been produced to hold that the qualification of ‘AMIE’ possessed by the petitioner is not an equivalent qualification.
    9. In the said circumstances, this Court finds that the petitioner is entitled to succeed. Accordingly, it is declared that the qualification of ‘AMIE’ secured by the petitioner is an equivalent qualification for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor, notified as per Ext. P7. Therefore, the respondents 2 and 3 are directed to give appointment to the petitioner to any of the existing vacancies or in the next arising vacancy in the post of Assistant Professor, based on the position in the rank list and notionally reckoning seniority from the date of appointment of the immediate junior appointed from the rank list. It is made clear that expiry of rank list will not be a bar for giving effect to the judgment.
    The Writ Petition is allowed. No cost.

  76. Sir,
    I recently took admission in AMEI (CIVIL), should get designation or approval as VALUER from income tax department and wealth tax department for doing valuations for banks.

  77. Sir,
    I recently took admission in AMEI (CIVIL), should get designation or approval as VALUER from income tax department and wealth tax department after completing the degree for doing valuations for banks.

  78. Sir,
    I have completed AMIE in winter 2015 though my registration in December 2009. I am working in State Govt. undertaking organisation (W.B).Now I am approach to the organisation to update my qualification status in the Service Book but the deny to do this.Now what will I do? please guide.

    • Every organization does this!
      That is why I always say that “you should take prior permission from your organization before taking admission in AMIE or any other course”. I always say this to everyone who wish to join any course. I don’t know what you should do now. Sorry I can not help you on this. Sorry!

  79. Hey Solanki,
    Hope you doing well.
    Can you please guide me if it beneficial to get admission in AMIE, or there is any further decision to come out?


  80. Dear Sanjay Ji
    Your blog has been very informative for many Associate Members to clear many doubts on its recognition status, I am one of them. Thank you and keep up the good work,our good wishes are alys with you.
    Well, I graduated from IETE in 2005. Now planning to go to Australia for masters. Is there any hindrance with this degree to get admission in the Australian university particularly The University of Adelaide.
    Is there any problem with visa processing with the kind of degree we have?
    Your help/suggestions would be much appreciated.


    • Mukti,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      As I have already replied to a similar question, I’ll repeat that you need the “Transcript” only, not the original mark sheets. You can find more elaborate answer in my other comments.
      Regarding difficulty in Visa processing, I’ve no idea about that.

  81. Sir i would like to apply for a railway xam…i completed my diploma so if i do AMIE can i join a central govt job

    • You can join Indian Railways after Diploma also. AMIE is recognized as regular degree by only some of the departments of central government. I’m not sure about Railways. Please check the qualification of the post you want to apply for.

  82. sir, i joined diploma by lateral entry in the year 2014 after completing 12 science and i completed this year i.e. 2016, practicals are yet to be done, can i face junior engineer recruitment exam for pwd,wrd or rwd dept. before i tried doing but i cudnt complete it, im from remote place of arunachal pradesh, i had no idea about all this withdrawal of recognition, im 27 now and i dont know what to do, im frustrated, sad and hopelesss, i asked this about in institute they said dnt worry everything is fine, will institute of civil engineer ever get aicte approval in future, my future is uncertain… please help

    • jini,
      Because there are so many students like you, the Government will have to take some positive decision about the matter. I can not say for sure, but I hope that AICTE will approve distance learning courses.

  83. sir can i join for degree with this diploma on some other aicte approved colleges. when i called some institute or college they denied admission

  84. sir i complete my diploma in 2013 and started amie in 2014 and now i am getting govt job on diploma basis. can you guide me sir that amie would helpfull in promotoin or not

  85. Sanjay sir.
    I Rahul b khaire, I will work in local municipal corporation I complete vocational diploma in building construction from MSBTE (Maharashtra state bord of technical educations)
    can I joined AMIE, for better feature.

  86. I enrolled with AMIE in 2007. I passed my Sec.A in 2008. But due to some reasons, I could not pursue sec. B immediately after that. However, I have done re-registration in Sec. B after 31 May 2013. In case, I complete section B, will I be considered as enrolled before 31 May 2013.

  87. Can anybody help me “Indian Institution Engineers(IIE) is / was approved by MHRD for providing Membership Programs, (before 2013 degree/diploma provided by said institution is valid or not for further education or job purpose .

  88. Hello.
    If any AMIE student wants to study in UK thn will UK NARIC certificate will be helpfull to get higher education over there?

  89. Sir,

    I have completed bachelors degree in (ET) from IETE, year (2010-2013), CGPA 8.16. Also I have done diploma in ECE ( 3 years full time course 2006-2009). I have 7 years for VLSI industry experience. I am planning for MS from United States. Can you please guide me if IETE graduation degree is valid for applying for Master degree?


  90. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for this valuable post.
    however, I need your help and advise.
    i have done my diploma in 2014. and currently working in a good mnc.
    i want to do graduation in mechanical engineering.
    as of now amie recognition has been withdrawn by MHRD.
    So if i’ll see for future scope, AMIE cannot be considered for Govt Jobs, And even higher education.
    So i want to know if there is any alternate in Delhi/NCR . such as part time.
    My goal is to Graduate so that i can prepare for Govt Jobs/UPSC etc as well.
    and also can help in my current profile in private sector.

    I hope that you understand my concerns & help.

    • Vivek,
      As I’ve already said in my previous replies MS University, Baroda is only such Institute I know of, and I’m not aware of any such Institute/University except this one.
      So, I am unable to help you. Sorry!

  91. Sir,
    I have enrolled in 2012 in IEI, i have not completed my all paper still some are remaining. So my doubt is should I continue with this. Is my IEI bachelor degree certificate will valid in future?

  92. Sir ji
    Kay me AMIE Course ke bad ragular me Govt. Exam. Jese SSC
    YAPAM mp . Railways. Ki teast exame de Sakta hu ki nahi.

  93. Sir
    I am studing In a.m.i.e. does thea.m.i.e e aprroved by a.i.c.t.e. or not.
    Because I want to apply in govt. Job

  94. dear sir
    Iam doing job in a company and have applied for amie and my future plan is to work in gulf . sir please tell me if i will clear the amie then my certificate is valuable in gulf or not.

  95. Sir, I have completed my civil engineering diploma in 2015.and I have join AMIE in 2015 and I am appeared for section A exam but I failed to clear it. As it is not approved by AICTE so I should continue doing Amie?
    Sir also Plz sugest me other institutions for completing my degree course
    My residence is mumbai.

    • Sudhir,
      If you have enough time and energy to do AMIE, you should do it. If you are not willing to continue right now due to present status of approval, you should wait.

    • Sudhir,
      If you have enough time and energy to do AMIE, you should do it. If you are not willing to continue right now due to present status of approval, you should wait. I hope the government will soon bring some positive news for all.

  96. Im working as state government servant presently,I just wanted to do diploma in civil engineering from Amie .is It useful or not to get promotion in my service by doing diploma in civil at this time ,,sir plz suggest me .I’m from Pune..

  97. Sir,Myself Munish Sumberia…..
    I have completed my civil engineering diploma in 2015.and I have join AMIE in 2015
    Sir, but AMIE is Approved AICTE Yes or Not…

  98. sir, i am a employee of power sector of there any problem to take admission and continue the degree at ice,india

  99. Dear sir

    First Thanks for your wonderful job.
    I completed my A. M. I. E (Electrical Engineering) in2014. Later I saw the news from iei website regarding that aicte accept amie with M. E /M. Tech for teaching assignments. Currently i am nowworking in abudhabi i want to do M. E or M. Tech
    Recognised by annauniversity or some other university in full-time or part-time it can be eligibility to do. I hope for your valuable answers.

  100. Thanks for the post.
    Its heartbreakingly true.
    I enrolled myself in amie for promotion and future career enrichment in 2016.

    I hope AICTE will modify course and approve the AMIE.

    Any news in 2016 about the approvals?


  101. Sanjay Sir,
    I had 3 yrs diploma 18 yrs back and want to get degree in Dehradun Utranchal region, can you please suggest any institute evening or distance which degree is acceptable in India & Saudi Arabia also. my age 40 yrs is there age mater to get degree ? in Saudi Arabia Diploma holder does not consider as a engineer so I want to upgrade my to myself.

  102. Sir I have read all above comments. My question is that IEI got AICTC approval.what about those students who got enroll from 1 June to upto judgements date .some of them clear all papers.they have clear all papers again.meanwhile IEI Registration going on after MHRD registation.
    Thank you sir

  103. sir in most of he post u have menioned about amie.I’m student of indian Institute of metals which was previosly is safe to perse course in indian Institute of metals

  104. Sir, m correspondence btech krna chahta hu….. Because meri financial condition theek nhi Hai. M job k saath saath btech bhi krna chahta hu.. . Please.. . Help me. ..

  105. dear sir
    I m ram prasad I m doing
    amie after completing my diploma in mech
    I will compete my amie in 2018

    so plz suggest me I will be eligible for upsc like ias ips or not..

  106. I have completed my diploma in 2015and currently engaged in a private company in Assam .I want to pursue a.m.i.e so that I want to go in academic field and go for lectureship .Does a.m.i.e bother on my way to become lecture in engineering college . After a.m.i. e I want to enrol for .

  107. Sir, I have completed my civil diploma from ICE ludhiyana, bt wen I apply at IRDA thy rejected me that distant mode education are not eligible institute says its professional course plz sir suggest me ..

  108. Sanjay sir,I’m assistant engineer in state government of TELANGANA. Sir for promotion purpose I was joined in IME, MUMBAI, for the course AMIME, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, in the year 2013 April, ND I attempted exam for first semester in June 2013, sir now I have finished the course. My question is is the degree valid for promotion r not Pl clarify me – regs.

  109. Sir I’m also studying in institution of civil engineering India after complete my diploma can I take admission in regular class or in a aicte approved college please reply sir

  110. Hello Sir,
    Mera amie ka registration 2015 ka hai,abhi main coal India me kaam kr rha hu,lekin main is job ko resign kr dusare job me jana chahata hu on diploma basis,mera sawaal hai ki jab agle job me rehte huwe mera amie se mining branch me degree complete hoga to kya company/DGMS usko value degi??

  111. Sir, this year i.e 2016 I have completed my physics hons degree and I have taken admission as technician in iei in 2015. Till the day I have not appeared for any exam. Now I am thinking to pursue through amie. My aim is with the help of this equivalent degree, will appeared in gate exam and get admitted in some iits or iisc or nits. Will it be fruitful? Pls reply sir.

  112. I have completed physics hons in 2016. Now i want pursue equivalent through amie. I want to do through gate from iits or nits or iisc. How fruitful it will be?

  113. See the link for amie and professor htttp://

  114. Dear sir.
    I am planning to join ICE course I want to know either is course valid or not I am waiting your reply

  115. Dear Sir,
    I had registered for AMIE(I) section-a non-diploma in summer 2008. Had cleared few subjects but was’nt able to continue. Now I am planning to re-register since my membership expired in winter 2014. As AMIE(I) is the best possible available option for me in mumbai, I am left with no other option for completing my graduation. So sir what will you recommend ? Is this the right time to re-register as issues are going on around with AMIE(I).
    Md Qais Sarkar

  116. Sir ,I had completed my diploma in this year now i want do amie. Can u tell me about the amie .how to apply for amie program. And also tell is my future is bright after doing amie.

  117. Hello sir, I had done diploma this year now. I want to join AMIE. So plz tell me about amie recognised. Amie approved by AICTE yes or not….

  118. Hi, sanjay.
    I had just filled the forms and about to send application forms to AMIE. I just read your article regarding the AMIE approval cancelled by MHRD. I dont know what to do now. I am happy to see this issue before i apply, thanks for that, but i am confused now sanjay ji.

  119. Sir my registration was in 2010 still amie not clear
    I wanna clear it after reregistration
    In 2016
    Is it valid for central gov per aicte order

  120. Hello sir,

    I have completed my diploma in 2016 now I want to do Btch or BE from AMIE. Can you tell me the present approval status of Amie.

    I want to do Btech or BE from distance learning so can you suggest how can I do this in delhi

  121. Hello sir
    I have completed my diploma in 2016 Now I want to do Btech or BE from AMIE. Please tell me the approval status of AMIE
    I Want to do Btech or BE from distance learning in Delhi so, is there any option for me please reply

  122. respected sir
    i was enrolled in 2003 but passed sec A in revised scheme in 2009. then i started sec B and mid while MHRD withdraw recognition of AMIE. i stopped study and my sec B time period of 6 yr finished in 2015 ( winter) . still i m waiting for recognition . i have no other way to get degree coz i have passed sec A. i want to get re registeration for another 6 years for sec B . should i continue sec B or not ?? i m doing job in PSU. Is there any future for amie. ??

  123. Sir , I m associated with company whose work location changes rapidly so what are the options I m left with to complete my graduation kindly suggest me as I m so much worried about my further studies.


  124. Dear Sir,
    As I m associated with a company whose job location changes rapidly so kindly suggest me what are the options I m left with to do my graduation.
    Sir, mail me if possible ankitu867@gmail

  125. Sir; iam rajesh, registered amie course on sep 2015;wanted to know whether after completing dis course am i eligible for applying civil service exams?
    Kindly leave a reply@.

  126. i have done my bsc (pcm) from PU now i am working in vardhmann steel company i want to do B.E IN material and mettalugry . So i want to do it is it possible and which college is there for me .Is distance course is good or not

  127. After completing AMIE am i eligible to pursue MS or MBA in foreign countries or study abroad? Am i eligible to write GRE? TOEFL or IELTS??
    Regards Vaibhav D

  128. Hi, I have completed diploma from NTTF NEC this year. I got placed in National Instruments. For better future I need a graduate degree. Will AMIE be a good choice? If not can you suggest me any college for btech and at the same time I want to continue my job as well.

  129. Hi Sanjay sir,
    My appreciations for the suggestions for us. my name is ranjith i have completed my diploma electronics & communication in 2011. As i has some financial problems i have joined in job in 2011.After working for 3 to 4 years when i thought to change the company. when i tried for company interview’s they started asking for 15 yrs education. but yet know i have only 13 years of education. i joined btech course (regular) in 2014 but again my financial problems has been stated i could not complete my btech. i came back to job. but again the same problem started asking for 15 yrs education. So suggest me any educational course which wont disturb my job.

    • I’ll suggest waiting for some time. Distance education was recently in news, HRD minister Prakash Javadekar has said that the department is working on new education policy and I think that will decide the future of all distance education technical courses.

  130. Hello sir,
    I have join amie before 2013 and I have completed amie in 2014 and I am working in Ongc but they are not allowing me to apply for graduates traines post. So,
    Plz help me out sir what can I do that they understand that I can apply.

      • Thanks sir,
        But the order that giving detail that person enrolled after 2013 is not eligible for government sector will be sufficient. Plz help.

      • That should be sufficient. But generally speaking, people dealing with HR in government/PSU are not confident of their actions and hence are unable to take easiest of decisions. In short, you’ll have to try really hard to get this through in time.

  131. If amie is not approved, then graduate course run by institution of industrial engineering must also have the same fate,am I right?..highly stressed out while searching for a right course:(

  132. Hello sir,
    I am from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. I have done my diploma in computer science(July 2016). My financial condition is not good, so I want to do degree through amie. Sir please…. Guide me.. .

  133. Dear Blogger,

    Before writing anything I should let you know that I am an AMIE and Chartered Engg(India).

    Now, AMIE as you mention is neither a degree for a Distance learning course.
    AMIE stands for Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (India).
    It is one type of “Membership” awarded by IEI. IEI also award other memberships like MIE, FIE etc.
    Actually there are two kind of membership: Corporate Membership (AMIE, MIE, FIE) and Non-corporate Membership (T, ST).

    There are difference between Academic Qualification and Professional Qualification.
    Academic qualification can be provided in three modes:
    01. Fulltime mode
    02. Blended mode; &
    03. Distance mode.
    What regular universities provide is fulltime and what open universities like IGNOU or NIOS (for school level) provide is open or distance. It between what comes is blended which you correctly mentioned.

    Memberships are Professional Qualifications (not academic) which basically warrant the holder that he/she possesses expertise in relevant field and can practice it anywhere (in the world, respective bodies of all countries have their federation to co-ordinate the mobility of membership holder) with accountability (hence they can carry their seal and can take any contract- govt. or otherwise- related to their field). It can be understood as a license to practice their expertise.

    After graduate level Engg. degree like BE or BTech, students are known as ‘Graduate Engg’ and they don’t have any connection with their institutions after completion of their course, in professional qualifications (memberships) one have to be connected with the body which provide the Membership to practice their expertise as the memberships has to be renewed after some time(mostly 5 years term). That means in each 5 years one is examined if he/she is worth given license to practice his work or not. There are ethical and social duties of each license holder towards the society while practicing its expertise which is also tested.

    Now, AMIE is same kind of membership award. All AMIEians are designated as Chartered Engg of India [CEng (India)] and can carry their seal for contractual purpose to practice their expertise within India. For international mobility IEI provide PEng (Professional Engg) Certification as per International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA).

    IEI is a statutory body made by the Act of parliament so does the AICTE.
    So in sense of authority both are the same, so AICTE does not have an authority to approve IEI.
    And that is why you will not find IEI in the “List of AICTE approved institutions”.
    Try looking it IEI in statutory body in the AICTE website. You will find both AICTE and IEI there.

    Now having known difference b/w Academic and Professional Qualifications, What MHRD withdrawn is the equivalency of passing Sec-A and Sec-B examination of IEI as a graduate level examination for Govt jobs (and not the AMIE).

    I don’t know if you are aware or not, all graduate level academic qualification holders can apply for AMIE in India.
    It means after BE and BTech candidates can also apply for AMIE membership to practice their expertise within India.
    Sec-A & B is the academic qualification by IEI (like BE/BTECH by other universities) for the membership of AMIE.
    It is optional for Sec-A and Sec-B passed candidates to apply for AMIE or not.
    So Sec-A & Sec-B qualification is equivalent of that of BE/BTech which are academic in nature and not the AMIE which is professional membership and is optional for both SEC-A & B passed and BE/BTech candidates to have it or not.

    IEI is registered in 1920 by British to impart technical education in India as per Indian Companies Act of 1913. In 1928 first examination are held with only 4 students.

    After Partition, Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP) was established in Pakistan which do all the work in Pakistan what IEI is doing in India (of course IEP is not having problem with recognition as in India)

    AICTE was established in 1945 by then Indian interim Govt. as an Advisory Body.
    All the authority to AICTE which it has now came to it in 1988 after AICTE Act.
    Before that Govt of India (Ministry of Human Resource & Development) used to approve the institutions along with others representative bodies.

    You might aware that Institutes of National Importance like IITs, NITs, AIIMS does not need approval by AICTE as AICTE was only authorized to approve regular University level technical educations initially (now they are considering blended mode too after MHRD directed them to). Other non- regular (Open or blended) qualifications used to approved by either UGC or MHRD itself. Sec-A & Sec-B examinations of IEI (and IEI like other Engg Societies in India e.g. AeSI, CSI, IETE etc.) used to approved by MHRD. Now MHRD directed to all such Engg Societies to co-ordinate and take accreditation from AICTE and AICTE is supposed to come up with some mechanism to handle such professional memberships which it do not have till now (Oct 2016) which is very disappointing as there are 4 years (2012-16) spent for formulating such mechanism. It can be said joint failure of Engg Societies and AICTE.

    There was decision to close down the AICTE in the wake of a corruption scandal in 1990s.
    After this scandal National Board of Accreditation (NBA) was elevated in 1994 as an autonomous body by then Union Education Minister Kapil Sibal. NBA is responsible for periodic evaluations of technical institutions & programs according to specified norms and standards as recommended by AICTE council. It has the full authority to recognize or derecognize institutions and programs under them. Before 1994 NBA was just a body under AICTE for recognition purpose but since 1994 scandal it became an Independent Society constituted under the Registrar of Cooperative Societies.

    So now there are two bodies. First any course need to be approved by AICTE then it goes to NBA after AICTE recommendation. And all that is done because of corruption of AICTE.
    Other countries just have one body to do all tasks which is much easier.

    To summarize:

    01. AMIE is still recognized, it is academic examinations (Sec-A & B) from these Engg. Societies that needs to get accreditation from AICET and thereafter NBA afresh after MHRD notification.

    02. We have extreme ‘Red Tapism’ in the working of our Govt. authorities with impose excessive regulation or rigid conformity and it is making India less and less competitive in international platform. World are thinking for providing education online with affordable cost. We are still struggling to make education inclusive. By the way IEI cost for SEC-A/B exams Rs. 2000 as exam fees each semester and the quality of education is known worldwide.

    03. Indian students are not aware precise difference b/w academic and professional qualification and that needs to be changed immediately.

    04. People argue that Distance learning is inferior comparing Regular one and they point out some failed students. One can counter argue that there are millions of regular students failing in regular mode too. Point I want to make is, it is the student and his/her dedication that makes him good or bad and not the mode itself. These perception needs to be changed. It is the destinations that should be compared and not the path which leads to it.

    Hope that clarifies the issue.
    Thank you.

    • No, that does not clarify the issue, but complicates it.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us and special thanks for writing such an informative post.
      But, to cut the long story short, AMIE (section B) is not equivalent to BE/BTech, and thus prevents the candidate from applying for a number of job opportunities.

      • It is fair and understandable to say that for some specific jobs recruiters prefer full time graduates and there is nothing to counter that as they have every right to choose what kind of employee they want. So in such cases, it is pointless to argue eligibility for non-regular candidates where AMIE or else.

        Yes, for the time being, all such courses are in limbo and that will remain the same until afresh accreditation is granted to such courses from AICTE and NBA thereafter.

        What I keen to point out is the difference b/w passing Sec-A & B and AMIE.
        Both are different things and should not be mixed. It is the Sec-A & B that is in question for recognition(and not AMIE).
        But yes for now, there is no any recognition for Sec-A & B and hence for AMIE.

        This differentiation is important because AICTE council has to come up with solution to recognize academic qualification(Sec A & B) of IEI and not the memberships itself like AMIE.

        It is also to be known that AICTE has never evaluated such program and there is no any mechanism available before them. There are several mechanism available all over the world to handle such programs. One just have to look for it. In my view, 4 years to too much to solve such pity issue and still after that long time no positive result is there.

        You pointed out problem very well and what I am trying to suggest is the possible solution ahead.
        To solve the issue one has to know where exactly the problem lies.

  134. sir i have completed diploma in june 2014 with 86% and amie enrolled in 2015 Jan ..please guide me after to amie ,I can give competitive exam like state/ center govt (AE)
    and IAS OR HAS ..

    and what will be future of amie,, iei can win the case or not .
    I have read on their sites ,
    that next hearing of high court Delhi on 24 Oct ..

    • Let me be very frank with you. Indian court does not have any solution for academic issue as such courses have to be recognized by the regulatory authority which is AICTE and then NBA.

      Solution will come when AICTE will device mechanism for courses like AMIE as before this issue there was no any mechanism to handle such courses in India. AICTE used to handle only regular university level technical courses.

      This problem will only be solved when such institution like IEI etc. and AICTE will come together and device mechanism for recognition of such courses.

      At best court will only order the institutions and AICTE to engage more and nothing else.

  135. Yes, you’re right. Only AICTE can resolve this problem, court can only ‘nudge’ them into action.
    I think You’re the only person who’ve read (and actually thought about) the post. Thank you very much for taking time to respond to the post.
    Thank you!

  136. after completing 3 year dephloma which course of aicte issue me a engineer certificate ? which was gives me a value of degree engineer

  137. AICTE and MHRD never really has any mechanism for approval of such courses. These courses were approved on the basis of opinions of some very knowledgeable personalities at that time (after independence of India from British). This courses are running from 1920s, Govt of India never bothered to make such mechanism even after independence. Now the next step is such courses will be considered as new courses and no new course under Indian constitution can be approved without Parliament approval. It means that now “Blend Mode Education Bill” need to be passed in Indian Parliament and after that bill will be passed they will start process for mechanism of approval for such courses.
    God bless India…….

  138. Hello sir…i am studying b.arch (3years course) in amice which recognised by MHRD..i started this course in 01.12.2013, can i get registration in council of architecture…please give me the clear information…
    Thank you in advance

  139. Your comments are even more informative than my original post. But, as you may have seen here, everyone wants just an answer to “their” question only. Very few are interested in understanding the actual issue. This saddens me.
    Your post is really informative, thanks again!

  140. Yes I have seen those comments and understand their frustration too.

    Dear all Member, whichever Engg. Society in India you belong too, this is the current status of your course recognition:

    01. Earlier passing Sec-A and Sec-B exams were recognition as equivalent as graduate level examination by MHRD.

    02. This recognition is now withdrawn by MHRD and next recognition has to be granted by AICTE.

    03. If you are registered with these Engg societies before 31.05.2013 you will stand equivalent to graduate level examination. It means your membership has to be granted to you on or before 31.05.2013.

    04. Candidates who have registered after 31.05.2013 will not be considered equivalent and for all those the next decision has to be come from AICTE.

    05. This cources are of very high importance and they have contributed in Nation building from a very long time even before Independence of India. This course will be recognized sooner or later there is no doubt about it. The problem here is the mechanism and policy based of which this recognition has to be granted.

    06. As soon as policy will be devised, recognition will be granted. But when that will happen is the question that future holds.

    07. Please contact your state center and get further information.

  141. I am AMIE in mechanical engineering. Now I want to pursue MS in Mech. Engineering from Germany. Can you confirm German Universities recognise AMIE for MS purpose?

  142. Sir I am from chemical diploma after that I am pursuing job but I decide to do AMIE because I want to eligible IAs and I can’t able to do regular degree. Pls reply Is that right or wrong.

  143. Sir,
    What is current scenario of from BITS Pilani. Does it affiliated by AICTE or not.

    Is there scope of doing from BITS Pilani for getting promoted in my private sector.

  144. Hi sir,

    I’ve completed AMIE in mechanical Engg in 2009. I’ve tried for job seeker visa on basis of this for Germany, but they are not accepting this form of education. many other countries like UK-Naric, Engineer Australia, WES CANADa , Engineering council-UK accept this. How to convince them ?

  145. sir,

    I have completed b tech mechanical from karnatka state open university in 2014.
    Now can any one tell my degree is valid or not ???

    Because nothing is clear about my degree validity. kindly suggest what to do???


  146. sir,

    I have completed b tech mechanical from karnatka state open university in 2014.
    Now can any one tell my degree is valid or not ???

    Because nothing is clear about my degree validity. kindly suggest what to do???


  147. Sir I had completed my diploma in 2016 .can I complete amie and go for higher studies (MTech) in India .
    In telengana Btech colleges are not there they had removed all colleges
    is amie eligible for GATE
    sir please reply me

  148. sir,
    I am doing BE from shine university, Chennai (They don’t have UGC/AICTE approvals) but they are registered under government SOCITY act 1860 (
    I need the certificate only for attest to UAE for job promotion and may use in future for Canada migration.
    can I use this certificate? please advise me

  149. sir, myself geetha and I joined amie in december 2011 and completed in the year december 2016.
    Is it will be valid degree?

  150. Sir plz advice me..i pursue my govt job in irrigation department in punjab..parmotion lyi mai amie civil engg ch krlva?? It is recognized or not??

  151. I am a govt employee in ORDNANCE FACTORY group. And I want to do a degree course in mechanical. So please suggest me how can I do my degree course.

  152. Hello Sir ji,
    Mera amie ka registration 2015 ka hai,abhi main coal India me kaam kr rha hu,lekin main is job ko, resign kr dusare job me jana chahata hu on diploma basis,mera sawaal hai ki jab agle job me rehte huwe mera amie se mining branch me degree complete hoga to kya company/DGMS usko value degi?

  153. Hello Sir,
    I have completed IIIE from Navi mumbai, and i would like to know is it really recognised as same like AMIE and is it recognised by WES canada for immigration purpose. Can anyone please reply me immediately for this.

  154. Sir/Madam,
    As per recent issue, the recognition of AMIE. I want to know the validity and usefulness of my degree:
    I have joined IEI on September 2011, after completing my diploma. After successful completion of sec a and sec B, I achieved AMIE in September 2015 and admitted as a Graduate of the IEI on OCT’ 2016 (As per Final Degree Certificate). I want to know Is my degree/amie certificate valid/useful for future scopes?(as I joined before 31.05.2013, the deadline given in MHRD notice).
    Please reply.
    Thanking You

  155. I completed graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from the Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] in 2004. After that, I had been working in the Information Technology industry for more than 10 years. Recently, I have got an overseas opportunity to work in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, to get the visa, I need to have the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) certification. As you know, SAQA evaluates the qualifications of foreign professionals based on the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF). However, SAQA does not recognise my qualification and stated that “Institution of Engineers (India) is not a nationally accredited/recognised institution in India and therefore SAQA does not recognise its qualifications.” Don’t know what to do now. Any advice?

  156. Sir,
    I have completed my diploma in civil engg. Recently I works in government organization.
    Muze dregee nhi karna hai. Pls suggest me part time AICTE approved civil engg degree CLG

  157. What is the current status of AMIE?
    Is it approved by AICTE or other bodies?
    Can i apply for jobs in gulf countries with AMIE degree?

  158. Hello sir.i am Seema Munde. I got goverment job .but IEI admission electrical engineering .sir plz information send my email id .eligible qualification 2017 this college.

  159. Sir i have cleared IBPS CLERICAL 2016 and i am in reserve list which is to be cleared on march, 2018 .I have completed my AMIETE in 2015 while i joined in 2011.So is their any recognition problem regarding this.? Plz because i have prepared so much for it and now i can’t lose this job.So i should be prepared before it. Plz reply back.

  160. If AICTE has approved Blended oy Hybrid System Of Engineering Education, which universities offer this system or are they even aware this option is open for diploma Holders?

  161. Dear Sir,
    My name is MILAN GORAI. I am currently working in POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD as a Jr. Engr. I already enrolled AMIE on Dec 2015 before joining POWERGRID but did not take part any exam in sec A. Now after joining POWERGRID I want to continue this course by taking permission through HRD of POWERGRID but they said that according to the memo of MHRD( Govt of India) who has enrolled before 31.05.2017 will be recognised for promotion in POWERGRID like Accelerated carrier growth scheme. Now I want to ask should I continue to carry out this course or not ? If I pursue AMIE what will be the scope for future other than POWERGRID ?
    Sir please reply me.


  163. Sir., i m ankit, i am working in a govt org. And want to continue my education with politecnic in civil by distance edu. Is a distance diploma is acceptable for ssc je exam. From ignu or other ugc approved university. Plz guide..

  164. Hi sir I am PUNEETH K R I working in state govt employee Bangalore Bwssb I completed my diploma course now I interested about Amie but mhrd declared 31/05/2013 i asked recently in recruitment department amie is considered up to last recruitment 2015 can I join amie it’s useful

  165. solanki sir,

    I am doing a government job in state of telangana. As you have mentioned in one of your previous comments that some universities offer evening education on a regular basis which is having a span of 4 years. can you please tell me whether there is any university offering BE/ Btech education on evening classes in state of Telangana.

  166. Dear Blogger,

    According to new public notice by AICTE dated Oct 31, 2017, AMIE stand recognised by AICTE for all purposes.

    Do update your post.

  167. Would you please clarify your position regarding the recent public notice by AICTE.I think they are yet to give full recognition beyond 31.5.2013.

  168. hello solanki sir,
    I have been registered in amie(IEI) inthe year 2012. Due to some family problems i was not able to attend my examinations for some time. But later on i started my studies and i have only 2 papers left. i am having my examinations this december(2017). Should i worry about the validity of the certificate i receive. Can i use the certificate for government jobs. I have enrolled after diploma engineering in IEI. Please help. Thank You so much

  169. Hello solanki sir, please tell me that what will happen with those students who are enrolled after may 2013 in IEI/AMIE. I have heard many news and rumour from everywhere,Please clear me that I should continue or not.

  170. Hello solanki sir, please tell me that what will happen with those students who are enrolled after may 2013 in IEI/AMIE. I have heard many news and rumour from everywhere,Please clear me that I should continue or not.What will effect of supreme court decision on it.

  171. Dear Sir,
    I Had Registered For AMIE(I) Section-A Non-Diploma In Summer 2008. Had Cleared Few Subjects But Was’nt Able To Continue. Now I Had Re-Registered My Membership In Winter 2016 Which Had Expired In Winter 2014. So Sir As Per The Latest Public Notice Issued By AICTE What Is My Current State. Will My Degree Be Valid After Completion ?
    Md Qais Sarkar

  172. Dear Sir
    I completed diploma in 2014 and now continuing AMIE. My question is should I eligible for GATE after completing AMIE with new rules.

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