upgrade BIOS in Dell laptop

why one may need to upgrade his laptop’s BIOS? there may be some advantages in doing so. The upgraded BIOS will’ve a greater stability and may provide you some new features. I’ve recently Upgraded my BIOS from A002 to A006. The exact reason about the up-gradation is stability, earlier my laptop won’t boot up properly and the display turned into solid white color. The system was running in the background but the display remained as it is..solid white..!! So, I googled it and found someone saying about upgrading the BIOS. I decided to give it a chance, but the real question arises now! HOW do I upgrade the BIOS? coz I’m not a computer freak 🙂

where should I search for it?

what are the RISKS in upgrading BIOS?

will my system drive(the partition where windows is installed) be affected?

OK…don’t take it much seriously 🙂 the things you’ve to do are as follows::

go to Dell official website

select your PC/laptop by any of the three methods given on the site, click on BIOS and download it, save it to desktop(so that you can find the file easily). Click on the downloaded .exe file and follow the simple steps.


you’ve succesfully flashed/Upgraded your BIOS. 🙂

Caution: please close all running applications before opening the file.

Note: I’ve done it myself, I’m just giving the information here, you yourself will be solely liable for any damage(if occurs) to your Machine.