make your pc beep when you press caps lock or num lock

Suppose if you’re writing something very urgent on the last minute and you press the caps lock key to turn caps lock on, and afterwards you  realize that you’ve done the mistake. You never wanted to type the paragraph in CAPITALS..

Well you can change the case of letters if you’re typing in some advanced software, but precaution is always better than cure.

Today I’ll explain a simple window function by which you can make the computer beep when you press the caps lock and num lock keys.

The picture below shows the control panel location and the option to be ticked.

turn on sound when press CAPS

alternately  you can do this by pressing the num lock key for 5 seconds.

turn on sound when press CAPS1

I’ll be back soon with some other little trick or info 🙂 don’t forget to add your comments.