Change fonts on N73

Have a look at this fonts..

Screenshot0002 Screenshot0003 Screenshot0005Screenshot0004

Isn’t it cool..!? If your answer is on 🙂

Today I’ve found THREE ways to change the device’s default fonts without using any application!

The process is as follows:

No. 1: Without card reader
1. connect your phone via mass storage
2. open “resource” folder on memory card
3. create “fonts” folder
4. copy the font files into that folder [Copy ONLY The 3 or some times 4 font files that are in the extracted folder you have downloaded]
5. Please check Various font files that are available in the extracted folder have the following file names: NOSNR60, NSSB60, NSTSB60 (some times S60ZDIGI). Please copy only these files to created fonts folder.
6. restart your phone

note: you cannot access mass storage if you have fonts installed, so to
access mass storage or to change/remove the fonts:

1. turn off your phone.
2. remove memory card.
3. turn on your phone and wait for it until it goes on standby.
4. insert memory card.
5. wait for a minute.
6. connect your data cable and choose mass storage.
7. open the “fonts” folder.
7. delete or replace the set of fonts.
8. restart.

No. 2: With card reader

follow the same procedure except inserting the card in card reader. This is the faster way to change fonts.

No.3 Without PC

there is a way to change the fonts without using a PC..!

1) you need a hacked phone (with caps on & caps off installed or with secman) and x-plore.
2) open secman and turn platform security off or click on caps off.
3) go to E:\resource, press 9 and make a folder named fonts.
4) go to the downloaded .zip file, click to open it, select the three font files and extract it to E:\resource\fonts.
5) restart the phone and you’re done. 🙂

Note: you cannot access mass storage if you have fonts installed, so to
access mass storage or to change/remove the fonts:

1. turn off your phone.
2. remove memory card.
3. wait until the phone start.
4. insert memory card.
5. go to x-plore (don’t forget to turn the security off).
7. open the “fonts” folder.
7. delete or replace the set of fonts.
8. restart.

I’m adding the font pack(cami font) which I liked the most. Download it from the side gadget or directly from here.

the screen shots are shown above.

Hack Nokia N73 to install unsigned apps (solve certificate error)

Ok, first of all, you must know why you need to hack your symbian phone.
Had you ever experience getting “certificate error” when trying to install software or game on your symbian phone? The “certificate error” is blocking you from installing all those great applications and games which will greatly enhance your symbian phone experiences. Without 3rd party applications, symbian phone is nothing more than an ordinary phone.
Hacking your phone is quite safe nowadays and you can do it in just few minutes.
The following tutorial is 100% working with Nokia N73 [4.0839.42.2.1] tested by myself.
First you need 4 files
Secman v1.10.sis

X-plore v1.34
link 1   (not working now)
New link!!
Another New Link
Easy steps to Hack/unlock your N73

1. Download the file and unzip to your pc.

2. Transfer the 4 files to your phone memory card.

3. Install Secman v1.10.sis. When the installation is done, look in the Applications folder on your phone, and find Secman. Open it and wait to load. Follow the instruction and it will auto reboot your phone.

4. Open it again and click on “Install Root Certificate”. After that now Select turn platform security off.

5. Install X-plore v1.34 . Open X-plore. First start to configuration of xplore which can be found on:
Menu>tools>configuration Or by just pressing 0

clip_image002Please make sure the following option is tick:

Select Show Hidden files
Select Show Romdrives
Select Show Ram drives
Select Show system files/Folders

6. If All ready then continue! By using x-plore
Go to C:
Access c:\sys
copy the files CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and Installserver.exe to C:\sys\bin

Now your phone is Hacked! Thats all, very fast,easy and simple! You are now ready to install any sis file which u know there is no expired certificates,no certificate errors again! just install anything u want!!!
This tutorial might be working for other phone in the list. I have not tried yet, if you successfully hack any phone in the list using my method, please let me know. Thanks.
Pre-FP1 devices:
Nokia N77
Nokia E61i
Nokia E65
Nokia N93i
Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia E62
Nokia E50
Nokia 5500
Nokia N93
Nokia N73
Nokia N80
Nokia N71
Nokia N92
Nokia E70
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia 3250

Idea SIM won’t work in Nokia N73

Today I encountered a new problem, I wanted to use internet on my laptop using my cell phone. So, I bought a new SIM card of Idea (coz I thought Idea provides a good download speed as compared to other operators and is also economical). Now, I inserted the new SIM card in my cell phone and pressed the power button. To my surprise the phone generated an error message without starting, the message was “general: system error”. 😦 I thought it may be temporary and restarted the phone, but it was the same as earlier. 😥 I restarted the phone and reinserted the SIM several times, but no luck. All other GSM SIM cards work perfectly in my N73.

I don’t have a solution the problem but I think I’ve found the cause. As you may know, different mobile service provider operates their network on different frequencies. Your mobile supports different frequency bands depending upon its manufacturing, mine is a quad band phone supporting GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. No mobile network in India work on frequencies different than this range. This card works perfectly on my Nokia 1112 which is a dual band phone supporting GSM 900/1800. Now it seems to me that there is not any problem in the card or the phone (N73) but there is some problem in the integration of both and is very annoying.

What can be done now? I’ve searched the internet and found that there is no solution to the problem until now 😦 , so the thing we can do is not to use an Idea SIM on nokia N73.

Leave comments if you’ve faced the problem or if you’ve found a solution to the problem 😉